When Should I Take my Creatine?

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Are you wondering what is the best time to take your creatine supplement?

When Should I Take my CreatineIt is well known that people often get confused when it comes to supplementing, and that is why same questions are asked again and again.

Questions that I find most repeated:

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  • When should I take my supplements (before, after, during or should I use a combination of before/after…)?
  • How much of it should I take?

Creatine is one of most used supplements in world of sports, therefor I have decided to take my time, do some research and try answering one of the most common questions regarding it.

Before I jump to answering the question I would like to share some “facts” I have found while doing my creatine research.

Many studies have shown that creatine can improve muscle performance and energy level.
Studies also shown that creatine will push forward your muscle and strength gains.
Creatine will also improve your recovery.

There are also other benefits I have found during my creatine research, but I have listed just those I think are most important from my perspective.

Wait! Don’t get excited to soon and spend all your money on it before you finish reading this.

You need to know that there is also a chance creatine won’t work for you. People are just different in so many ways and things like ingestion, level of training experience… can be a reason why you won’t benefit from taking some supplement.

OK, let us now get back to our question…

When should I take creatine (before workout, after, during or combo)?

  1. First you have to set your goal and then you can set your meals/supplements plan.
  2. If your main goal is muscle building (hypertrophy) then taking creatine before and after workout should work great for you.
  3. If your goal is strength, than I would use it only after workout.

Another thing I have found during my creatine research is that blend of creatine, fast carbs and protein will maximize absorption of creatine.

Now prepare your shake, workout hard and hope for the best results.

Good Luck

Please leave your thoughts about When Should I Take my Creatine post in comments section below.

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