Vince Gironda Sternum Chin-Ups

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How to perform Vince Gironda Sternum Chin-ups?

vince gironda chin ups

I guess most of you have already heard about Vince Gironda and his training methods. He was considered as unorthodox back then and it is not surprising why people believe that he was way ahead of his time.
Many well-known body builders trained under his supervision, guys like Lou Ferrigno, Jake Steinfeld, Frank Zane, Don Howorth and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Let us now get back to Gironda Sternum Chin-Ups

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  1. Grab the pull-up bar with underhand grip with about shoulder width apart.
  2. Hang down from bar with full lockout (fully extended hands).
  3. Lean back and stick out your chest (starting position).
  4. Start pulling your body towards the bar.
  5. Keep your head leaning back and arched spine through whole movement.
  6. Lean your head back as far as possible and exhale as you are pulling.
  7. Pull until your collarbone has passed the bar and your sternum or lower chest area touches the bar.
  8. Hold top position contraction for a second or two.
  9. Start lowering your body slowly in same way and inhale.
  10. Repeat!


  • Lean back throughout the entire Gironda chin-up movement.
  • Your legs and hips should be at about 45 degree angle to the floor at top part of the movement.
  • Your head should be parallel to the floor at top ending position.


Please give it a shot and leave your feedback in comments section below.

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