Valentine’s Day Couples Workout Routine

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Enjoy Valentine’s Day while working out with your partner – Couples Workout Routine

Valentines Day Couples Workout Routine

Valentine’s Day is always one of those special days for everyone who is in-love, and while you are still thinking about how to make this day really something special/unique for your partner… I already might have a great solution for that.

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Did you ever think about working out with your partner on Valentine’s Day?

In case you never thought about partners workout I would suggest you to try it. This is not only work-out and doing something for your health/body, this is also great way to build stronger bonds with your partner. Yeah it is true that you are going to sweat if you decide to go with it, but you might also find this enjoyable, maybe you will have great laugh while watching and encouraging your partner to squeeze one more rep… Like I already said you just might end up having the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Before we jump to our Valentines Day Couples Workout Routine I would like to remind you that you should have fun while performing following exercises, it is all about you two having great time on this special day. Workout will just be something you did together today and you don’t need to push it too hard. Don’t get me wrong, if you are both into sports and workout, than great… motivate and push each-other, but in case one of you isn’t much of the athlete, then just try to do your best and enjoy this partners workout routine.

Let us now get straight to our Valentines Day Couples Workout Routine…


  • 15 Friendly Push Ups (alternate arms you clap)
  • 20 Medicine Ball exchange Sit Ups
  • 10 Couples Leg Presses (ladies only)
  • 10 Couples Back Squats (guys only)
  • 10 Couples Push Ups (guys only)
  • 30 Medicine Ball exchange Twists
  • 60 seconds Couples Plank

Workout instructions:

  1. Perform exercises in given order.
  2. Adjust the numbers if this is too much or not enough for you and your partner.
  3. Take 45 seconds rest between exercises.
  4. Take 2 minutes rest between cycles.
  5. Execute 3-5 cycles.
  6. Enjoy working out with your partner.

I hope this workout made your Valentine’s Day special.

Please leave your thoughts about Valentines Day Couples Workout Routine in comments section below.

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