Time to Blast-Off Your Workout – HIIT Style

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Wondering how to start new Workout Season? Try your luck with HIIT!

Time to Blast-Off Your Workout – HIIT Style-Featured

New-year is here and everyone is making big promises, which are in most cases soon going to run into dead end.

  1. What were your promises for new-year?
  2. “I’m going to lose weight this year for sure!”
  3. “I will become a better partner/parent…”
  4. “I will workout harder in order to change my body into sculpture I have dreamed about.”
  5. “I will stop smoking.”
  6. “I will stop drinking.”
  7. “I will eat healthy food from now on.”

I guess I could go on and on and on… about this common nonsense and I’m saying this because I was just like that in past. We all reached same goal… and that is “JUST TALKING CRAP”.

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Enough said about topic we are all very familiar with, now it is time to say something productive.

Last night was long and busy, celebration lasted till early morning hours and today on 1. January we are just sooooooo… tired. Workout is the last thing you could even think about.
Well, do you still remember the promise you made last night? You do??? Than go and do something about it! Start NOW! Don’t say things like “I will start tomorrow” because that will probably turn into “day after tomorrow” and so on.

If you really wish to make some changes you need to start now, and if that means you need to force yourself into working out… SO BE IT!

Following HIIT Workout Routine (High Intensity Interval Training) was my choice for the first day in new-year.


  1. 15 Pull-Ups
  2. 30 Squats
  3. 15 Box Jumps
  4. 20 Burpees
  5. 60 Mountain Climbers


  • Perform each exercise with max effort.
  • No rest between exercises.
  • 60 seconds rest between cycles.
  • Do 3-5 cycles (depends on your fitness level).

Please leave your thoughts about this HIIT workout in comments section below.

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