Shoulders of Steel Workout Routine

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Workout routine that will make your shoulders strong and ready for new challenges

Shoulders of Steel Workout Routine

Shoulder joint is well known to be weak thanks to its anatomy and easy to get injured. So what can you do about it? Yes, you can get it stronger.

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Strong shoulders will not only have a health benefit, they will also help you master more advanced skills like human flag, planche… You need to understand that shoulders take quite a huge load while performing those moves and you should make sure that you are ready before jumping into it. It is always better to make a good prehab and reduce your risk of injury then spending 6 months or more for rehab later.

Also have one other thing in mind, when working on your shoulders you should always make sure you hit them from all sides and get them in balance. Muscle imbalances are one of the most often reasons for muscle related injuries.

After saying all this I hope I didn’t make a wrong impression, I was just trying to point out that shoulder training will be beneficial in many ways, and one of those is the fact that big shoulders will also make you appear a lot wider.

Enough said, let us now get back to our Shoulders of Steel Workout Routine…

Like you can see this workout routine is made of 5 exercises which should be performed in cycles, but if you prefer you can also perform them in rounds (let say 5 rounds of first exercise, than moving on second…). These exercises are far from all you can do to gain shoulder strength and size, but it is something that will make you feel them working hard and I just love that feeling.


  • 5 Hand Stand Push Ups
  • 5 Military Press
  • 10 Pike Push Ups
  • 10 Pseudo Planche Push Ups
  • 10 Bent over Lateral Raises

Workout instructions:

  1. Keep your body straight while performing hand stand push ups and if you can do them free-standing, otherwise do them with wall support.
  2. Military press should be performed with weight you can hardly move 5 times without momentum, controlled movement is what counts.
  3. If performing 10 pike push ups is too easy for you, do more reps or do them with your feet elevated.
  4. Lean as far as possible and try to keep hollow body position while performing pseudo planche pushups.
  5. Don’t use to heavy weights for bent over lateral raises because this exercise is targeting rare deltoids, which are usually the weakest part and also keep your back straight.
  6. Take 40 seconds rest between exercises.
  7. Take 2 minutes rest between cycles.
  8. Execute 4-7 cycles.

I hope you have enjoyed this one.


Please leave your thoughts about Shoulders of Steel Workout Routine in comments section bellow.

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