Morning Push-Ups Game Workout Routine

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Simple bodyweight workout routine to start your day with – Morning Push Ups Game

Morning Push-Ups Game Workout Routine

Many of you might be limited with space, weather or equipment, and even if you had in mind some morning workout you might end up doing nothing because you just have no clue what could you at home without any equipment and limited space.

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I know pushups, crunches, squats… can get boring after some time and you don’t feel like doing same old stuff over and over again, but hey, you can change things and turn old stuff into new stuff. Are you wondering how? Let me explain…

Pushups are one of those exercises that exist since… who knows exactly. What makes them so great is the fact that you can do them anytime and anywhere. Other thing that makes pushups so great is that there are so many pushup variations you can do and keep yourself interested in this “old stuff”. Every time you get tired of doing them, you just change the variation and give yourself a new challenge again. Many times it is enough if you change just tempo and start doing them slowly, explosive or mixed. All these things make pushups great and with all these twists you can make that simple exercise to literally work your whole body.

Let us now get back to our Morning Push Ups Game workout routine…

Included Push Up variations:

  • 20 Deep Push Ups
  • 20 Push Up Rotations
  • 20 Hindu Push Ups
  • 20 Archer Push Ups
  • 20 Clap Push Ups

Workout instructions:

  1. Perform pushup variations in given order.
  2. Take 40 seconds rest between exercises (push up variations).
  3. Take 2 minutes rest between cycles.
  4. Perform 3-5 cycles.
  5. Keep strict form while performing pushups.

Please leave your thoughts about Morning Push Ups Game workout routine in comments section below.

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