Homemade Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars Blueprint

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DIY Workout Equipment – How to make your own Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars

We all know that buying your workout equipment can be quite expensive. To make things even worse what we buy is usually not perfectly suited to our needs.

So what other option we have?

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IF you are handy man or know someone that is and could help you around then have no fear. Making your own custom made calisthenics equipment can be really cheap (comparing to buying your bodyweight training equipment) and like said, you can make it exactly like you want it to be.

Following plan is example of homemade parallel bars and pull up bar with measure for distance between bars, height, posts width…

Home Made Parallel and Pull Up Bars
Building instructions:

  1. Mark where you want to install the posts for your bars.
  2. Dig holes ( atleast 10×10 inch (25×25 cm) and about 2ft deep (50 cm or more – deeper it is, more stable your bars will be)) and make sure that marks are in the middle of those holes.
  3. To help water drainage and avoiding wood rotting use around 2-3 inch gravel in the holes (and make sure posts are in same height).
  4. To protect pols paint them with wood preserver.
  5. Now set pols in holes and fixate them (make sure they are in same height, they are in line with each other, they are straight and that flat edges are like they should be).
  6. Take dry postcrete and pour one bag in each hole around posts.
  7. Add water to the postcrete (follow product instructions), mix water into the powder and wait few minutes until it gets dry.
  8. Now fill the holes with concrete and leave it for 2 days.
  9. After concrete gets dry and solid it is time to measure exact distances between pols.
  10. Now cut bars so they fit and get some welder to weld on the ends which will serve for attaching bars to posts.
  11. Clean the bars and paint them.
  12. bar-weldsTake bars and hold them up in position where you want to get them fixed so you can mark holes for bolts.
  13. Wind-in all bolts now.
  14. Enjoy working out on your own homemade workout equipment.


I hope you get some ideas from this post and find this useful.

Please leave your thoughts about Homemade Pull Up Bar and Parallel Bars Blueprint in comments section below.

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