Drag Your Ass – HIIT Workout Routine

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Feel the burn with another High Intensity Interval Training Workout Routine

HIIT 009 - featured

Today is one of those days when I feel like doing nothing.

Are you wondering what I do when I get “lazy ass syndrome”?

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Answer is simple: I do HIIT workout just to get my lazy ass moving again.

So what have I prepared today is simple high intensity interval training workout routine with just 4 exercises and 3 cycles with dropping repetition numbers.

Special part about this one is that you are running for time.


  • Burpees (chest to ground)
  • Pistol Squats (half reps each leg)
  • Box Jumps (minimum 50 cm high)
  • Toes to bar (straight arms and legs)

Workout instructions:

  1. Perform one after another exercise in given order.
  2. Perform 24 reps for each exercise in first cycle.
  3. Perform 16 reps for each exercise in second cycle.
  4. Perform 8 reps for each exercise in third cycle.
  5. NO rest between exercises.
  6. NO rest between cycles.
  7. Run for time!

This might look easy but give it your best and I’m sure you will feel your heart jumping.

Please leave your thoughts about this HIIT workout routine in comments section below.

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