Darious Zienzis Signature Workout Routine

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What is your favorite workout routine?

Darious Zienzis Signature Routine -feature

I had a short chat with Darious Zienzis from Croatia Street Workout Federation and he was kind enough to answer few questions so I can share them with you.

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One of those Questions was if he could tell us what is his Signature Workout Routine (something he likes doing on regular basis)?

This is what Darious Zienzis shared with me:

Cycle 1:

  1. Darious Zienzis Human FlagWall sit x 60 sec
  2. Tucked planche hold 30 sec
  3. Press to handstand x 8
  4. Front lever x 12 sec
  5. Rest 2 minutes
  6. Dips 25
  7. V-sit hold
  8. Human flag 10 sec hold
  9. One arm pull-ups 6
  10. Rest 2 minutes
  11. Dragon flag 25 sec hold
  12. Straddle planche push-ups 5


  • No rest between exercises (except where otherwise noted).
  • Perform 3-5 cycles.

Darious also said:
“I love running and cycling as well so in the evening I love going out and just clearing my mind that way.”

Also check 1 Day Diet Plan he shared with us.

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