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Bodyweight Training – Who can benefit from it?
When it comes to bodyweight training i can assure you that this simple to use way of training is useful for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner, serious enthusiast or elite athlete, this is still great way to go, and best thing about it is that you can do this type of training anywhere.

Valentines Day Couples Workout Routine featured 0

Valentine’s Day Couples Workout Routine

GARD Pro Not RegisteredEnjoy Valentine’s Day while working out with your partner – Couples Workout Routine Valentine’s Day is always one of those special days for everyone who is in-love, and while you are...

Triceps Explosion Workout Routine -featured 0

Triceps Explosion Workout Routine

GARD Pro Not RegisteredBodyweight Workout Routine for Huge and Strong Triceps Everyone love having big arms, but common mistake people make is just thinking about biceps. Why I think that is wrong? Well your...

Rock Solid Abs Workout Routine -featured 0

Rock Solid Abs Workout Routine

GARD Pro Not RegisteredHow to hit those ABS with simple bodyweight workout routine How often you find yourself wondering if you should workout or not on that particular day? As soon as you catch...

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Vince Gironda Sternum Chin-Ups

GARD Pro Not RegisteredHow to perform Vince Gironda Sternum Chin-ups? I guess most of you have already heard about Vince Gironda and his training methods. He was considered as unorthodox back then and it...

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Workout Routine by B. Rankin

GARD Pro Not RegisteredOne of the favorite B. Rankin’s upper body workout routines Earlier I have posted article in which I’m asking B. Rankin about his diet plan, favorite quick recipe, supplements… This time...