Building Bigger Pecs – Chest Workout Routine

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How to build bigger pecs with mixed chest workout routine – weights + bodyweight training

Building Bigger Pecs – Chest Workout Routine

This time I have made a mixed chest workout routine where we are going to use weights and bodyweight exercises. Bench press is one of the well-known and quite popular weightlifting exercises and to be honest even I love it. I love the fact that simple bench press workout can hit many different upper body muscle groups if you just make a little twist to it.

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Many people are wondering how to make their chest muscles bigger, but like I always say there is really no difference on which muscle are you working on, you need to work hard, eat properly and rest (allow your muscles to recover/rebuild). What I see people doing all the time is making a huge list of exercises and then jumping from one machine to other whole time they spend in gym, but in reality they should just focus on few exercises and give their all while performing those.

Inspired by those who like I said before are just jumping from one workout machine to another, I have decided to share one of my favorite chest workout routines. This workout is made of four exercises which are combined in two supersets.

Let us now get back to Building Bigger Pecs – Chest Workout Routine…

Superset 1

  • 8 flat Bench Presses
  • 12 deep Wide Push Ups

Superset 2

  • 6 incline Bench Presses
  • 8 Bulgarian Dips on gymnastic rings

Workout instructions:

  1. Before you jump to bench press make sure you did proper worm-up.
  2. Use enough weight to hardly perform 8 repetitions of flat bench press.
  3. Take 15 seconds rest.
  4. Perform 12 deep wide grip pushups (go deep as possible).
  5. Take 1 minute rest.
  6. Repeat your first superset for 3-5 more rounds before you move to second superset.
  7. Take 2 minutes rest before you move to second half.
  8. Perform 6 incline bench press repetitions.
  9. Take 15 seconds rest.
  10. Perform 8 Bulgarian dips on gymnastic rings or wide grip dips on single bar if you don’t have access to rings.
  11. Take 1 minute rest.
  12. Repeat your second superset for 3-5 more rounds.

PS: Make sure your form is as it should be.

Please leave your thoughts about Building Bigger Pecs – Chest Workout Routine in comments section below.

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