Biceps Destroyer Workout Routine

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Build Bigger Arms with Biceps Destroyer Workout Routine

Biceps Destroyer Workout Routine

Big biceps… I think that is first thing that crosses our mind when we think about muscle building. Yes we also like having big shoulders, chest… but biceps is #1 muscle for almost every male. What can I say, those “big guns” just get attention when you enter the beach, bar or any place you go… and not to mention that girls love man with big arms.

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Now the question is “How do I get my biceps to grow bigger?” I could go on and on about this and give you some philosophy that would just make you even more confused at the end, but instead I will say “It is quite simple”.
When you give it some thought it actually is simple to build bigger biceps, you just need to work hard, be consistent with your workout, get enough proper nutrition and rest. I guess now you are thinking “ahhhh… same old story”. What did you expect, some magic formula again? There are no shortcuts to building muscle (well there are, but not healthy ones), it takes time and dedication and biceps is no different than any other muscle.

So today I have decided to share a biceps workout I like to use and this should give you some serious pump. Every time I do this workout I feel like my biceps is going to explode and I just love that feeling.

This workout is mix of bodyweight and weights training… I know a lot of you are just into bodyweight training and others might be fully into weights training, but I personally don’t like limitations. Why wouldn’t you use both and get the best from both worlds?

Now let us see what this Biceps Destroyer Workout Routine is made of…

Included exercises:

  • Close grip Chin-Ups max-out (go to failure)
  • 8-12 Dumbbell Biceps Curls (standing)
  • 5 Heavy Barbell negatives (use momentum or spotter to get barbell to top position and slowly lower down to bottom position)
  • Chin-Ups max-out (regular chin-ups – go to failure)
  • 8-12 Concentration Biceps Curls (per arm)

Workout instructions:

  1. Perform close grip chin-ups to failure (give it all out).
  2. Take NO rest when you finish with chin-ups.
  3. Grab dumbbells and perform 8-12 biceps curls with both hands at same time.
  4. Take 1 minute rest.
  5. Repeat 4 more times.
  6. After you finish 5 rounds of superset 1, rest for 2 minutes and move to superset 2.
  7. Grab heavy barbell (so heavy that you need to use momentum or spotter to get it up).
  8. Lower heavy weight slowly down (for about 4 seconds or more).
  9. Complete 5 repetitions if these negatives (you must feel like you are going to die while doing these).
  10. Take NO rest when you finish 5 reps.
  11. Perform normal grip chin-ups to failure.
  12. Take 1 minute rest.
  13. Repeat 4 more times.
  14. After you finish 5 rounds of superset 2, rest for 2 minutes and move to concentration curls.
  15. Get in a position.
  16. Perform 8-12 concentration curls.
  17. Switch hands without rest.
  18. Perform 8-12 concentration curls with other hand.
  19. Take a 30 seconds rest.
  20. Repeat 4 more times.

After you complete this workout you should really feel like your biceps is popping out, if not you were doing something wrong.

Please leave your thoughts about Biceps Destroyer Workout Routine in comments section below.

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