3000 Reps to Land of Heroes

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Leave Your Mark in the Land of Heroes with Extreme Bodyweight Workout Routine

“Welcome to the land of heroes!”
That is what you can say to yourself once you are done with this extreme bodyweight workout.

Why should you do it?
Let me first say that I personally don’t like workouts that last forever, I rather do short and intense workouts.
So why did I come up with this one than?
Answer is simple: I came up with this workout routine because I love to put myself to the test once in a while. Workouts like this don’t put on test just your body but also your mind, your determination, your will power…
Since year is like “few hours away” from coming to the end, this might be a perfect opportunity to test yours limits. You could also save this test for the beginning of the new year, and give it try with new determination in mind.

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3000 Reps to Land of Heroes - Extreme Bodyweight Workout Routine

How often should you do it?
It is up to you! Point of these workouts is to test your limit and see your overall fitness progress. There are people who might run test every week, or every other week… I personally do some testing every 4 weeks and write down the numbers.
It really doesn’t matter what is your personal preference, only thing that counts for real is bigger picture (goal you have set to achieve or something). Sometimes you will run into some bumps in the road, but don’t get discouraged, those are there just to remind you that you need to push even harder in order to reach your goals.

I don’t think I’m ready for this!
If you can do just 1 rep for each of the exercises… than you are ready!
When you are about to test your limit always have one thing in mind “You are competing with yourself”. It doesn’t matter if you are performing just one repetition at time and taking rest, what matters is that next time you decide to run this same test again you beat your previous time (time it took you to finish this challenge).

How to perform – Guide & Rules?

  • First let me remind you that you should hydrate yourself enough before you start.
  • Prepare plenty of water, you will need it.
  • Prepare stopwatch (this is time based workout).
  • Each rep should be performed with full range of motion (don’t count half reps, only person you are cheating is yourself).
  • Don’t use momentum (kipping).
  • Form should be clean as possible.
  • Rest as much as you need between reps and exercises… as mentioned you are running for time here.
  • Exercises should be performed in listed order (don’t move to next exercise until you have completed all required reps).

Hero Workout Routine

  1. 150 pull-ups
  2. 200 push-ups (close grip – working more on triceps)
  3. 250 squats
  4. 150 superman back extensions (2 seconds hold in top position on each rep)
  5. 200 crunches
  6. 250 lunges
  7. 150 chin-ups
  8. 200 push-ups (wide grip – working more on chest)
  9. 250 calf raises (elevated for extra stretch)
  10. 150 leg raises (floor)
  11. 200 bird dog (2 seconds hold in top position on each rep)
  12. 250 high knees (running in place)
  13. 150 bench/chair dips
  14. 200 elevated side plank hip raises (100 each side)
  15. 250 mountain climbers

I know these numbers are not so extreme to some of you, but for most of the people this might sound extreme to the max. I know you might feel the pain during this workout, but once you finish it successfully it will be all forgotten and smile on your face will let the people know that you did something amazing today.

Please leave your thoughts about this HERO workout routine in comments section below and let us know what was your time needed to complete this routine.

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