30 Day Plank Challenge – Build Up Your Core

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30 Day Plank Challenge

Ready to Fire UP your Core with 30 Day Plank Challenge?

Work on your core, core, core, core, core, core…

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How many times did you heard or read about it?

I know this is already annoying for some of you, but most of the people I meat on “workout playground” are lacking in that area, so I guess they need to hear it again.

Once you start understanding how body mechanics work you will be sorry that you didn’t spend more time working on your core since it could improve your wellbeing, your posture, your sports performance and more.

OK, let me now stop preaching and get back to our 30 Days Plank Challenge.

Since we just started posting some challenges here, and since we got focused on core first, I have decided to keep it simple, and what could be more simple then good old plank exercise.

For those of you who decide to complete this challenge I promise you are going to feel the difference once you are done with it. Your core will be stronger, more stable and ready for new challenges.

So what are the 30 Day Plank Challenge rules/pointers?

  1. Follow the 30 day challenge table.
  2. Do one set per day for a time as prescribed in table (you can do more than one set if you wish, but make sure you don’t overdo it).
  3. After you finish this challenge take few days off and then try going for your max and write down your result (I hope you can share your results with us).


Day 1 20 seconds   Day 16 120 seconds
Day 2 20 seconds   Day 17 120 seconds
Day 3 30 seconds   Day 18 150 seconds
Day 4 30 seconds   Day 19 REST DAY
Day 5 40 seconds   Day 20 150 seconds
Day 6 REST DAY   Day 21 150 seconds
Day 7 45 seconds   Day 22 180 seconds
Day 8 45 seconds   Day 23 180 seconds
Day 9 60 seconds   Day 24 210 seconds
Day 10 60 seconds   Day 25 210 seconds
Day 11 60 seconds   Day 26 REST DAY
Day 12 90 seconds   Day 27 240 seconds
Day 13 REST DAY   Day 28 240 seconds
Day 14 90 seconds   Day 29 270 seconds
Day 15 90 seconds   Day 30 300 seconds


Please leave your thoughts about 30 Day Plank Challenge in comments section below.

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