1 Day Diet Plan by Stan Veniaminov

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Stan Veniaminov from Bondi Beach Bar Brutes and his 1 Day Diet Plan

Stan Veineimov 1 Day Diet Plan

This time I had a chance to speak with Stan Veniaminov from Bondi Beach Bar Brutes… for those who wonder where are they located, the answer is “Australia”.
I must say that I just love this team because they are really like a big family, and what I love the most about Bondi Beach Bar Brutes is the fact that they are so well organized. If you check their FB page you will see that there is always something going on there and I must admit that I would love to be a part of their family.

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So let us get back to questions and answers now…

Following questions are same as usual, but let us see what Stan had to say about it.

Could you give us example of your 1 Day Diet Plan?

Summer Breakfast: 4 Fried Eggs with Capsicum, Tomato and Eggplant, all cooked in coconut oil, with pinch of Himalayan salt.
Strong cup of coffee

Snack: Banana
Drink a lot of water, appr. 1.5L

Late Lunch (2:30-3pm):
Option 1- Half Chicken with peas and salad.
Option 2: 400 grams Grass Fed Scotch Fillet Steak with 2 Fried Eggs, Tomato and Sprinkled with Cheese.
Strong Coffee

Dinner: Buckwheat porridge

Any Food tips you would like to share?

Eat Clean, less processed food, learn how to cook, study organic food culture.

What is your favorite Quick and Healthy meal recipe?


Fried Eggs


  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 small capsicum
  • 1 tomato
  • Cheese
  • Salt


  1. Put coconut oil in sauce pan and heat it up.
  2. Fry capsicum and tomato first.
  3. Add 4 whole eggs.
  4. Add pinch of Himalayan salt.
  5. Sprinkle some cheese on top.
  6. Serve and dig in!

What is your opinion about supplements?

Sometime I use extra protein, depends on training intensity and frequency. If I run a lot, and do strength training everyday than I need to take some supplements in order to recover faster and don’t end-up being sick thanks to my immune system drop.


Please leave your thoughts in comments section bellow.

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