1 Day Diet Plan by Simon Grizon

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Simon Grizon – Jekleno Telo and his idea about 1 Day Diet Plan

Simon Grizon - Jekleno Telo

1 day diet plan series continue and this time I had a chance to speak with Simon Grizon.
For those who don’t know who Simon is… he is representing Street Workout Slovenia and Jekleno Telo (body of steel).

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In case you would like to learn more about Simon Grizon and/or Street Workout Slovenia, you can follow their Facebook links at the end of this article.

Let us now get back to our questions and answers.

As usually questions are same, but let us see what Simon had to say about it…

Could you give us example of your 1 Day Diet Plan?

My breakfast usually looks like this:
Oranges, bananas and pineapple pieces mixed with raw cocoa powder and coconut powder to make a smoothie with some yogurt and water.
The idea is to mix fresh fruits with healthy fats. I also use lots of sunflower seeds, linseeds and sesame seeds. I don’t have the same breakfast every day, so normally I use what ever I have at home. You can use also ginger, cinnamon and other amazing “plants”. The more natural you make it, the better it is.

Meals throughout the day:
Regarding food intake during the day it depends what I am doing on that certain day. Sometimes I do not eat sufficient, so I make it up next day, or maybe on rest days. It also depends in which cycle I am in. If I want to gain some muscle mass, I eat differently than when I am trying to be lean as possible (for some photo shooting and summer time when I am rather cut and lean)

I think you should eat as much protein as possible and you will be alright. Always eat as well some vegetables or fruits to have a balanced ph in your body. Drink lots of fresh water, consider magnesium and calcium.

Let me share some ideas for daily meals:

  1. 500g of cottage cheese mixed with pure water and one spoon of honey
  2. 400g of meats with some vegetables with fresh olive oil
  3. 300 g liver on onions with cabbage salad
  4. 5 -10 eggs cooked (good for taking them to school or work in a plastic box)
  5. 500 g of seafood prepared on coconut fat with some wine and olive oil and garlic with salad

Actually there are so many options regarding the design of your meal. Read about healthy food, educate yourself daily, improvise, and just take around 2g of protein per kg of your bodyweight and you will be ok. Mix different protein sources together… animal protein, vegetable protein and never forget about fats. I try to eat in this manner, but I don’t like following any formula or diet plan on day to day basis. Why I never stick to certain diet plan? Because soon you get sick of 10 eggs a day rule or something like that, that is why I try to listen to my body, but at the same time trying to eat proteins in every meal at least 25g or more.

Any Food tips you would like to share?

Eat as much natural as possible, avoid processed food.

What is your favorite Quick and Healthy meal recipe?

Best quick meal in my book is boiled eggs. Take them with you everywhere you go 😉

Take frozen blueberries and other kinds of berries, some coconut powder, cocoa powder, seeds, yogurt, cinnamon, honey, bananas, water – mix and you have a great shake for a quick meal.

What is your opinion about supplements?

I didn’t drink many protein shakes in my history, but lately I drink some whey isolate because sometimes it is just easier for me to take some shake along if I’m working or have to go to some places where it’s hard to get proper food.
So in general I don’t have any problems with protein shake usage. Of course it depends what kind of shake you are drinking. I am pretty sure you can eat enough if you eat just normal food especially if you are not into muscle mass building, but if you have money and less time for food preparation then no problem. I take magnesium and calcium and some sea weed like spinach for chlorophyll.

***** BONUS QUESTION *****
Do you have some Signature Workout Routine?

I did so many different styles of training, had so many projects… my main idea is to improvise around everything I do. I am happy when I train, I am art kind of person so I can’t follow a strict routine day after day never. Sometimes its pushups, sometimes pull-ups, sometimes pyramids, sometimes weighted sometimes bodyweight.
Reps? Sometimes 1-3 reps in set for power, sometimes 10 x 5 reps, sometimes 3×10, sometimes 10×10, 4×25, etc…

There are no rules on this. It mostly depend on what you want to achieve, is it strength, power, endurance, etc…

Never forget about functional training as well, there is also a whole field of balance training to consider.

Flexibility, movement… it all depends on what kind of body you want to develop in your future.

My personal training is also changing during the year, winter is for muscle mass, strength, power, so I tend to work-out in the gym using weights and indoor street workout with weights. When it is becoming warmer outside then I rather do some slack-lining, running, swimming, street workout outdoors, martial arts in the forest where I live, to practice elements on a tree. I used to climb and did many different sports in the past, lots of yoga as well.

I think one should never stop learning, experimenting, trying to be unique, to find his own style and happiness in life. One thing is for sure, there are no limits, everything is possible, but one must make lots of sacrifices to achieve such things in life. It’s a life style, dream about your development, breath through it and you will make it sooner or later.

Become stronger and never quit! “Simon Grižon”

For all of you who would like to learn more about Simon and Street Workout Slovenia just follow the links bellow…



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