1 Day Diet Plan by Sam Tribble

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Sam Tribble and his Workout Day Diet Plan

Sam Tribble

I’m happy to say that this time I had a chance to get some answers from Sam Tribble.

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In case you don’t know who Sam Tribble is… all I can say is that Sam is awesome guy who used to be a competitive gymnast and is still in great shape and being able to perform awesome moves.
Some of you might be after some planche, front lever, back lever and other skills tutorials, and that is just where you can find Sam Tribble. He did quite few useful videos for Strength Project YouTube channel.

My questions for Sam were same as usual just small talk about diet plan, supplements and workout routines…

OK, so let us now see the questions and answers Sam came up with.

Could you give us example of your 1 Day Diet Plan?

An example of my Daily meal plan when training would be:

  1. Meal 1 (morning): Glass of water, 2 servings of cream of wheat, toast, creatine and a large protein shake.
  2. Work out #1
  3. Meal 2 (10 AM) – post workout: I may eat the same thing plus some raw fruit, like banana or orange.
  4. Meal 3 (noon to 1PM): Chicken breast or thin process meat with eggs on toast. Other option would be tuna melt sandwich etc… I may have more fruit, water and/or fruit juice.
  5. Meal 4 (3:30 PM): Protein shake and fruit type snack.
  6. Meal 5 (9 PM): Steamed rice, possibly meat but not necessarily, something green, water, juice or both.
  7. Meal 6 (11:30 PM): Protein shake.
  8. Work out #2
  9. Meal 7 (12:30-1 AM): Possible protein shake or recovery formula.

I make sure my body is hydrated and has protein before bed. This is when your body is getting stronger through ample recovery time so you have to make sure it has the tools to expel toxins and rebuild tissue.
This is just an example and my eating habits can change dramatically based on schedule but the thing to really note is: making sure the body is fueled before and after workouts, drinking water in the morning and at bed time. There is no replacement for water.

Any Food tips you would like to share?

Drink water in the mooring when you wake up to hydrate and kick-start your digestion. Drink water before bed. Eat the least processed foods as possible and make sure you are well fueled before and after your workouts. Add wheat germ or sprinkle turmeric on your foods. Fish oils (omega 3), flax seed oil can be mixed into your cottage cheese with fruit on a daily basis. I use rice dream or almond milk for protein shakes.

What is your favorite Quick and Healthy meal recipe?

My favorite Quick and Healthy meal recipe? Yogurt and granola – sprinkle wheat germ over it. Packaged salmon from whole foods over a steamed rice… SIPLE AS THAT!

What is your opinion about supplements?

If possible try to get the majority of your nutrition from the whole food source, however when the body is in a growth phase this may not be possible. I use chondroitin, glucosamine, fish oil, flax seed, protein powder and creatine.
I know there are many great products out there but you need a PHD to really know what’s in most of the stuff so just like your whole food source keep it as natural and simple as possible.

***** BONUS QUESTION *****
Do you have some Signature Workout Routine?

Know what you are going to accomplish when you walk into the gym or practice space. Work 100% towards that goal. It may or may not turn out the way you planned but if your mind and heart were in the present you will be stronger the following day.

Routines come and go but your vision must stay persistent.

Please leave your thoughts about Sam Tribble’s 1 Day Diet Plan in comments section bellow.

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