1 Day Diet Plan by Rok Trost – Beastmode Slovenia

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Meals for muscle – Rok Trost and his 1 Day Diet Plan

Rok Trost 1 Day Diet Plan

Here we go again with 1 day diet plan and this time we got Rok Trost – Beastmode Slovenia to answer our questions. First let me say thanks to Rok for helping and sharing.

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Rok is one of those guys who like mixing things up and getting best things from different worlds to best use. When I said different worlds I was thinking about calisthenics (bodyweight training or so called street workout) and weight lifting.
People in general usually stick to just one of those, but as you can see those two can work together and can get you some awesome results.

Training sure is important, but nutrition is also playing a big role in what are you going to achieve when it comes to your body, and since we are here to talk about diet plans… let us just get back to it.

Let us now see what Rok Trost had to say about his usual day diet plan.

Could you give us example of your 1 Day Diet Plan?

  1. Meal: Fresh juice made with my juicer from fresh fruits (oranges, lemons, carrots… it depends what I have at home at that moment)
  2. Meal: About 8 eggs mixed together (4 with yolk and 4 without), if I don’t have so many of it, I add some chicken meat and cheese and eat it with some salad and yogurt.
  3. Meal (lunch): Chicken/beef meat with mozzarella or other cheese with green salad.
  4. Meal: 0,5kg of curd, mixed with yogurt
  5. Meal (dinner): Ordinary the same as lunch but, I drink also fresh juice from vegetables (depend of what I have at home)
  6. Meal before I go to sleep: 0,5kg of curd with yogurt, or tuna with cheese and yogurt, and one spoon of hemp oil.

I drink only water, I try to get at least 3 l a day. If I have a snack I eat at 90%-99% cacao chocolate.

Any Food tips you would like to share?

Answer: Simple, don’t eat white sugar, drink a lot of water from glass not plastic, try to eat as little processed food as possible, if you eat a lot of meat don’t forget about fresh non cocked vegetables.

What is your favorite Quick and Healthy meal recipe?

Answer: I can’t live without curd and yogurt, some of my favorite is curd with greek yogurt, simple and you don’t have to cook anything.

What is your opinion about supplements?

Answer: I don’t use and there is absolutely no need to if you eat good food, I think they are not good for your body, our ancestors didn’t use them and they were strong ass fuck, just look at old Greeks. I never use them and I recover perfect with sometimes just 6 hours of sleep and train like crazy.

***** BONUS QUESTION *****
Do you have some Signature Workout Routine?

I mix weight training with bodyweight (street workout) and I always try to lift heavy. I mixed powerlifting/bodybuilding training with street workout and it works best for me. I also train karate.


Please leave your thoughts in comments section bellow.

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